About the DXC


The concept of the DXC/Dunkxchange came to fruition in 2005 by owner Gary Hughes, after purchasing a pair of fake sneakers from China. Gary, being a sneaker enthusiast, was confident he wasn’t the only individual going through the same debacle. Having a history in the Fashion & Music industry he decided to host an event that gave fellow sneaker admirers an opportunity to Buy, Sell, & Trade Sneakers & Apparel. In 8 years & with over 200 events DXC has grown to be a formative staple in the Sneaker, Music, Fashion, & Art Community.


Since its original inception the DXC has evolved now incorporating elements of Hip-Hop Music, Fashion/Streetwear & Art. The event routinely features Live Performances & Guest Appearances from Hip Hop & R&B top artist. In addition the DXC provides a medium for some of the industries newest and hottest emerging talent. Offering a receptive audience for their music to be heard and appreciated. Naturally, with sneakers being a key component in fashion, the Dunkxchange provides an outlet for businesses to gain product visibility. With the DXC’s open marketplace atmosphere, attendees are able to purchase product from numerous vendors. It hascatered to Clothing Lines, Retailers, Designers, Wholesalers, and other entities looking to gain exposure for their product or service. The one thing that connects all of these characteristics is the Art aspect of the DXC. Fashion & Music being outlets for artists to express their creativity, art is what drives the event. DXC has showcased Street art, Fine Art, Graffiti and other brackets of art. Due to the events diversity, it ultimately creates a unique and eclectic atmosphere for businesses and attendees.


The First DXC started in California calling the Los Angeles & Orange County area home. With the rapid popularity of the event it immediately branched off to the South, Northwest, East Coast & other areas. Over the years the DXC has been hosted in grass root to premium venues from Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas to The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Currently the event is held 3 to 7 times a month in different markets around the United States & World; Leaving a foot print in LA, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, Boston, Atlanta and etc. The Dunkxchange intends to bring the event to an international audience connecting Sneak Heads, Music, Fashion and Art aficionado around the globe.


Gary Hughes DXC | Founder

“I actually bought 3 pair of fake Heinekens Dunks from China online that cost me around $1400. I have a wife, kids and bills to pay. So, when I saved my money for sneakers, I wanted to get the kicks I was paying for. That’s when I came up with the idea for DXC/Dunkxchange. The name comes from one of my favorite shoes, the Nike Dunks, and I was inspired by my purchase of fake Heineken Dunks, the name DXC was created.”




Are the Heart & Soul of the DXC Sneaker Heads come to Buy, Sell, & Trade with their counterparts. Because of the extreme popularity of urban footwear the sneaker fiends that attend are Dunkxchange fanatics. Being in the Sneaker & Fashion Community for over 8 years the DXC has built strategic relationship with Sneaker Freaker, Sneaker News,, Sneaker Watch and other staples in the footwear Industry outlets. The event has opened its doors to retailer’s, Footwear Companies and boutiques around the nation.



Plays a pivotal role in the Dunkxchange with sneakers & fashion being a commodity in Hip Hop Music industry. DXC has featured some of the top DJ’s & Performers from around the world. The DXC has had Special Guest Performances/Appearances By A$AP Rocky, JadaKiss, Pusha T, Murs, Freeway, Don Cannon, Greg Street, & Funk Master Flex to name a few. Additionally, the DXC enables upcoming artists to gain exposure for their brand and music from a niche target audience. The event has gained notoriety from The Source, XXL Magazine, BET and MTV for its showcases and Live Performances.



Is the highlight of the DXC. The event has been recognized as a staple in the Fashion industry, housing Trendsetters, Designers, Fashion Bloggers, Streetwear connoisseurs & other centers of influences. Dunkxchange has made a continuous conscious effort to brand itself in the Fashion Industry. By successfully tying the event in with key tradeshows and festivals like MAGIC, Agenda, Project, SLATE, and etc. Because of its grassroots appeal Clothing Lines Established & Startups have sponsored and vended at the Dunkxchange for nearly a decade.



Is defined as “a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation & the conscious use of that skill and creative imagination”. The Art aspect of the DXC is the glue of the event; With Fashion, Sneakers, & Music Being considered a form of Art this is what connects all the elements of the DXC. In part, the Dunkxchange frequently showcases Fine Art, Graphic Art, Graffiti, Custom Sneakers, Live Painting and More. Ideally the event focuses on other forms of self-expression by incorporating Skateboarding, Basketball, Dance, and etc. into the events.


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